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Audio Toolbar Icons

Audio Toolbar Icons is a large collection of music- and audio-related icons created by professional artists
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9 March 2015

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Icons related to audio media is not just limited to audio players. Varied video playing software, audio recording and synthesizing software, etc. also employs icons to make them look really cool. In case you also want to get your audio playing application look exceptional and users could obtain an improved experience from it, then tryout Audio Toolbar Icons 2013.1. This pack of icon set can enhance your application’s interface to great levels. Not only desktop applications but also music players that work on mobile devices as well as in websites can use these icons effectively. There are a lot of things about this Audio Icon set which makes it a fine thing in the market.

This 2013 version Audio Toolbar Icons has near about one hundred icons representing wide variety of symbols that are required in all kinds of media applications. Along with regular icons such as Play, forward, fast forward, fast back, stop and record, you can also discover Music converter, DVD/CD burner, mobile phone, jukebox and alarm. Other than these you can also find icons like the Radio Transmitter, Signal strength, Bluetooth and series of other which makes it a comprehensive solution for enhancing any music playing software. Images are available in 3 states including Normal, Disables and highlighted. To help you adjust with all the different applications it comprises resolutions such as 16*16, 20* 48*48. Adding to more flexibility the set offers different graphics formats like GIF, PNG, BMP and ICO. Entire collection of icons is crafted with hands and is designed by professional artist leaving no effort to make it look great.

Audio Toolbar Icons 2013.1 definitely can be a handy thing for developers and for all the details which has been mentioned we would like to deliver it with a scale of three on a complete scale of five.

Publisher's description

If you are working on an interface for a sound- or music-related application or website, or creating a template for one, you will most probably need a set of UI icons to decorate it, make it easier to navigate and, of course, create a style that will clearly and unambiguously reflect the purpose of the product. If time is not something you have in excess, you should definitely consider using ready icon sets that will give your masterpiece a finished look and will help users to utilize its potential to the fullest. No matter what project you are working on, if it has anything to do with music, sound and audio technologies, Audio Toolbar Icons will help immensely in making it look right!
Audio Toolbar Icons is a large collection of music- and audio-related icons created by professional artists. Each icon comes in a number of resolutions for different areas of application (48*48, 32*32, 24*24, 20*20 and even 16*16 pixels), graphic formats (PNG, GIF, ICO and BMP) and states (disables, normal and highlighted). This means that every item can be used right "out of the box" and will not need any modifications. The collection covers such popular topics as multimedia management and playback, conversion of music files, disk burning, connectivity, music notation and more! This icon set will be a perfect choice for developers of multimedia software, players, music catalogs, converters, radio stations and many other categories of users in need of a high-quality interface and facing a serious time shortage. All the icons were scrupulously handcrafted by professional digital artists of Aha-Soft, a renowned expert in the area of interface design and usability. The collection will save your time and elevate the visual quality of your application to a whole new level.
If you have been on the look for an icon collection for your current music-related project, Audio Toolbar Icons will provide everything necessary to make it stand out from the crowd!
Audio Toolbar Icons
Audio Toolbar Icons
Version 2015
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